False Analogy

The drive down to my nursery community service is pleasant. It’s one of those cold days that you can appreciate from behind the harbouring glass in the car, allowing one to fool one’s self that it might be warmer on the other side as piercing rays set the trees alight. The girl behind me lightly […]

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I don’t know

Tonight I spent a handful of my hours packing shoeboxes we’d accumulated from the generosity of our respective houses into cardboard boxes, to go off to Eastern Europe, which we assembled with the help of some tape guns and folding. It was a cheery scene, and cold as the warehouse was, it was difficult to […]

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The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

The Red Pill. That’s what I would choose. Although that doesn’t make me happy about it. Almost certainly choosing the Red Pill would come with tremendous amounts of hurting and mental strain. Whether the reality behind everything is better or worse (although having to make a new reality usually points towards the latter) the whole […]

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‘Write a blog post about a song that refers to the Theory Of Knowledge’. I find music fuels me, and you’ll rarely have a day where you’ll see me without headphones on at least once. It sounded brilliant. Until it wasn’t. It turns out that few of your favourite artists will discuss the abstract concepts […]

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A dip

A swear was the first word that came into mind when I was told that alongside the 6 subjects there would be three marks dedicated to two further courses. The Theory of Knowledge and CAS. A longer, less delicate swear came to mind when I was told part of TOK was writing a blog for […]

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